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Start your day with Coffee and Microsoft 365

Microsoft MVP | Increasing productivity in everyday work with Microsoft 365 | Modern Workplace enthusiast and expert in the Microsoft 365 environment #coffeefreak #gernperDu

Der M365 Röstmeister | The M365 Roastmaster

Ferdi Lethen - Oellers

Microsoft MVP |Increasing productivity in everyday work with Microsoft 365 | Modern Workplace enthusiast and expert in the Microsoft 365 environment #coffeefreak #gernperDu


#EspressoM365Fusion is an innovative initiative that combines the stimulating effect of espresso with the powerful functionality of Microsoft 365 to revitalise and optimise work processes. The slogan "Where the aroma of espresso and the power of Microsoft 365 meet" symbolises the fusion of creativity and productivity that this unique combination promotes.


Microsoft Viva is an employee experience platform that integrates various tools for communication, knowledge, learning and resource management in Microsoft 365. It aims to improve employee engagement and productivity by providing personalised experiences and insights to promote wellbeing and professional development.


Microsoft Copilot is an advanced AI tool that is integrated into Microsoft 365 and helps users work more efficiently by providing automated suggestions and assistance. It uses artificial intelligence to simplify and speed up tasks such as creating documents, emails, presentations and analysing data.


Microsoft Copilot Studio is an innovative platform that enables developers to create customised Copilot applications and extensions for different business needs. It provides tools and frameworks that facilitate the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning into business solutions to automate processes and increase efficiency.


Power Apps is part of Microsoft's Power Platform and enables users to create and manage customised business applications without extensive programming knowledge. It offers an intuitive user interface and predefined templates that allow companies to digitalise and automate processes in order to increase efficiency and productivity.


Power Pages is a powerful tool from Microsoft that enables users to create professional and secure websites easily and without in-depth programming knowledge. It offers a range of customisable templates and built-in features tailored to the needs of businesses to create interactive and data-driven web experiences.

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