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Boost Your Productivity with the Top M365 Applications for Task Management in Microsoft To Do

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In a constantly changing technology landscape, Microsoft 365 (shortly M365) offers a wealth of applications where tasks emerge for us humans. We need to master our functions and workday. Nothing is worse than feeling like you have accomplished nothing and pushing a constantly growing mountain of tasks ahead of you.


Yesterday, I was on a phone call with a client, discussing the review of last week’s testing phase and the issues that arose. I constantly noted the topics and my associated tasks. Alongside the call, I received an email from another client and two Microsoft Teams chat messages from colleagues.
Imaginable? Knowing that a task or subtask emerged for me in every communication is essential.
Tasks hit me in different applications simultaneously, sometimes even parallelly. Keeping track of everything would only be easy with this beautiful application, Microsoft To-Do, within my Microsoft 365 license.

Discover now how you can boost your productivity! 🚀 In this blog post, we look at how the synergies between the applications in M365 can assist in managing personal tasks.

1. Microsoft Outlook: More than Just an Email Application

Microsoft Outlook offers email management and effective integration with Microsoft To Do. Emails or individual text passages from an email can be created in Microsoft To-Do directly from Microsoft Outlook.

Creating Entire Messages as Tasks
The synchronization of flagged emails from Microsoft Outlook can be activated within the setting (gear icon) in Microsoft To Do. With activation, all flagged emails in Microsoft Outlook are automatically created as tasks in Microsoft To-Do task list and can be moved from here into respective structures.

Creating Individual Text Passages as Tasks
With the marking of individual text passages, a small menu appears above or below the marking. Inside the menu is the icon for Microsoft To Do. According to the marking, clicking on this icon will create tasks within Microsoft To Do. The marking corresponds to the title of the task.
The task is not created in the tasks but in the currently displayed list (within Microsoft Outlook). To verify which Microsoft To Do list the user is in, the Microsoft To-Do icon is in the upper right corner of Microsoft Outlook. Clicking on the icon opens a so-called flyout with the integration of Microsoft To Do.

Added Value
You don’t have to leave Microsoft Outlook to create tasks from received emails within personal task management and to get a quick overview. Furthermore, the task contains a link to the email so that even if the email was sorted out (not deleted), the user can access the contents with a click.

2. Microsoft Teams: Promoting Team Collaboration

Microsoft Teams is my workbench. Here, planning is done, and tasks are created—a very versatile platform for collaboration. Especially within collaboration, tasks for personal task management often arise. Whether it’s a Microsoft Teams chat, group chat with colleagues or a channel post within a Microsoft Teams team. Where communication takes place, personal tasks are not far away. Like in Microsoft Outlook, entire messages (chat, group chat, and channel post) and individual text passages can be created as tasks within Microsoft To Do in Microsoft Teams.

Creating a Complete Message as a Task
In the menu above the messages (three dots), the trigger (starting point) is created to create tasks. With a click, the user receives a pop-up where further details about the task, such as the due date, can be specified. With save, the task is created within the defined list according to the information given.

Creating Individual Text Passages as Tasks
Like in Microsoft Outlook, individual text passages from messages can be marked. Above the marking, a small menu opens with the symbol for Microsoft To Do. Clicking on this symbol creates tasks within Microsoft To Do according to the marking, and the user receives a pop-up to add further properties to the task. The marking corresponds to the title of the task.

3. Microsoft Planner: The Task Management for Collaboration in Companies

Microsoft Planner is your helper for detailed and effective task management within a collaborative context. In this context, integration into one’s own task management is essential and right. With the right setting, which can be set up within the settings in Microsoft To-Do, assigned tasks from Microsoft Planner are directly created as Microsoft To-Do tasks. When completed, the tasks are in the „assigned to me“ list and can be moved to the respective list. Inside the created task is a link back to the Microsoft Planner task, allowing the user to gather more information if necessary.

4. Power Automate: Automation for Efficient Task Management

Power Automate is the automation engine of Microsoft 365 and contains a plethora of so-called connectors. One of the connectors is Microsoft To Do. Power Automate can help generate and manage tasks in Microsoft To Do. Automations always help where no standard method helps.

5. Microsoft OneNote: Seamless Integration for Quick Task Creation

With Microsoft OneNote, not only can notes be created, but tasks can be quickly and easily recorded and managed in Microsoft To Do. Microsoft OneNote uses the former Microsoft Outlook tasks, which were replaced by the Microsoft To Do application with increasing development by Microsoft. This means that tasks defined in OneNote automatically become a Microsoft To Do task.

However, the mechanism only works in your own OneNote notebooks and not in shared notebooks.


The large ecosystem of Microsoft 365 offers a wealth of possibilities for individual task management. The combination of the different applications within the ecosystem promotes a productive working style, especially in collaboration with others. The application Microsoft To Do is a central element of personal task management and should not be underestimated in its power and versatility.
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